Monday, 6 June 2011

BT does not mean British Telecom in this case, but something far better!

I'm a BT Blog Buddy - visit to find out more

Yeehee!! I've got my 'BT Buddies' logo. Ok BT Buddies is a website and charity organised by a lady called Natalya Jagger. She set up the charity after the death of a family member because, as we brain tumour sufferers all know, the UK lacks BIG TIME information about brain tumours, especially the high end ones (Grade 4 or 5 that are malignant and difficult to treat), so it is the hope of this particular group as with the others, that somewhere there is a place where experiences can be shared, advice available and information gathered. Natalya contacted me through my page over at Facebook, where BT Buddies also have a page too.

One of the projects that BT Buddies encourages is for anyone who is keeping a blog about their experiences either as a sufferer, survivor, carer, family, friend etc, is to contact the site so they can highlight your blog. If you pop over to you'll be able to find more details on how to join in. Go give 'em a visit and say Heather sent ya!

Still working on my experiences as a benefits applicant in this wonderful compassionate era of our co-alition government. If that sounds sarcastic then yup, you betcha!

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  1. Hi Heather,
    Nice to 'meet' you it's odd how BT's bring people together, a whole community of people who dont want to be there, anyways thats another rant...

    As for the benefits system I have little experience of it but I don't think the issues are with this government alone, it's the system, we made it this way by being too "PC" now in order to fix it we have to be unpopular and un-PC but there isn't a politician out there who has the balls to do it.

    they cant afford to do it because of the loss of votes but as a result us taxpayers (you included too) will pay more because they are busy trying to bail out the banks, help businesses and maintain some level of NHS.... oh the joys of beinga brit eh!

    Good luck with your fight hun.
    Bobbie Dazzler (Mark)


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