Thursday, 22 September 2011

I'm Going Bald in March 2011!!!!

This I've posted around various blogs etc.

"As most of you know I have a brain tumour that basically helped lose me my job and career. Since then I'm turning in to a bit of an activist and run my own Facebook page in an attempt to get some support group going somewhere in Cornwall where I live, because the nearest one is in Exeter 140 miles away!

There is also a woeful lack of information and awareness about brain tumours in general and their effects. I have been networking with loads of people who, not only have lost their health, or loved ones, but also their jobs, homes and ability to fend for themselves. There is very little support out there and most sufferers, unless terminally ill, find themselves being rejected left, right and centre for benefits, help with disabilities etc and have to fight for help when they feel so tired and ill.

I'm lucky. My family, friends and church are supporting me right now and I at least will have a small pension starting in a month two, since retiring from nursing on the grounds of ill health. Not many have that to fall back on.

Research is sparse and I am convinced that the UK lags very badly behind in terms of knowledge, prompt treatment, pre and post op care and research, of which only 0.1% of cancer funds are allocated towards. We do have 11 specialist treatment centres in the UK but they are at risk from the UK Government's 'austerity measures' and could face having to reduce their services.

So I'm going to do my bit by raising funds for two UK charities, Brain Tumour UK and Meningioma UK (A meningioma is a tumour that is usually benign but starts to compress the brain or spinal cord as it grows. That's the type I have and it is situated at the base of my skull near a place called the Pons.) two of quite a number of charities and groups that usually for most are their only means of support and understanding.

My way of raising funds?

March in the UK is Brain Tumour Awareness month, so I am going to have my head shaved on March 1st or as close to it as possible and will remain bald for the whole month! I am encouraging anyone who can to either email me for a sponsor form and try to get sponsors for either the head shaving and/or each day I remain bald. For Brain Tumour UK, you can directly donate your sponsorship via my page at where the funds will go directly to the Brain Tumour UK charity. Meningioma UK isn't registered there so will have to be funded by cash donations that I can forward to them by cheque."

Spread the word folks!


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