Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Shock! Horror! Relief....

Of course it had to happen sooner or later. Bad stuff, an MRI scan showing the tumour had increased in size at a couple of key areas 'slightly bigger' than the one taken back in September 2010. Then a letter from a neurosurgeon stating that there had been no change at all and it is best to leave all alone for now.

So lemmie see in the last 2 years I have experienced

Unsteady gait
Petit mal seizures
Problems with balance perception
Severe fatigue
Increasing falls
Loss of job
Loss of career in nursing
Increased lack of concentration
Increased loss of co-ordination i.e. dropping things!
Total disorientation in busy environments, stressful situations or when ill or tired
Increased loss of sensation down the right side of my face

Just how much worse do I have to get before someone zaps the bloody thing dead! On the good side, I did mange to finally raise £1300 for the head shave. Letters of thanks to the two businesses, the lady in the Co Op and to 'The Cornishman' will be sent by the beginning of next week.

Oh, and bloody Google scared the life out of me just now because this blog had disappeared! They say it was due to 'unusual activity' with my account. No it wasn't! Its because they want yer bleedin' phone number for 'verification'! I've had to comply because there's too much here to tell 'em to go fly.

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