Monday, 6 August 2012

Coming back down to Earth with a deadly crash.

Things are a little rough at the minute, part of which resulted in my completely and utterly loosing it last Thursday, blowing my top and marching out of the house, well as best as one could with a walking stick, and heading north for a few days . Dave and I are both stressed out, tired, frustrated not so much with each other but with the demands made upon his time, and not enough on mine because I can't *DO* anything due of 'health 'n safety', getting fatigued easily etc.

What tipped the balance was some stupid drunk/drugged up female we don't know from Adam, starting to kick our back gate in last week. Dave and a friend of his were trying to stop her and push her back out (she had some gormless boyfriend who seems to be part of a bunch of idiots who like to gather in our back alley, looking on). I heard the commotion, utterly and completely blew my top, shoved Dave and his friend away so hard they fell over and almost punched the said female out of the doorway. I lost the plot some more and bolted. I've had 4 reasonable days up in Plymouth but am still feeling like I want to kill someone and with Dave considering going back on anti depressants. I'm considering getting some too. In any event what is needed is for Dave and myself to spend more *QUALITY* time together and try not to let the demands of other people/internet to get in the way.

Penzance can and is a lovely place to live in terms of community, we produce gold medal winners for a start, but I am oh SO fed up of the drunks/druggies who spend part of the time in stupid land and the other part kicking, stealing and destroying other people's properties and lives because they can and do get away with it. One thing is for sure, I have one helluva much shorter fuse than I used to and frustration is fast becoming my middle name!

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