Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Bit of an Update!

Update. There is so much to tell you, I'll have to bullet point it all.

1. Started Slimming World in Jan 2012 starting weight 19st 13lbs - now down to 14st 9 1/2lbs so far. My goal is to get down to 10st and see where I go from there.

2. Had a crap winter as I hit a brick wall after doing too much but had a fab year of seeing Mr Ben Miller a further two times, once at the BBC for the Filming of Room 101 (no photos allowed by Aunty Beeb) and again for a gig at The 100 Club where Ben and Danny John-Jules were taking part in an event called 'Karaoke Circus', travelling to Canada to see friends and also achieved a 41 year ambition of having my photo taken with William Shatner at a huge Star Trek event!

3. Algy continues to grow. I've been offered a referral for radiotherapy at Derriford Hospital in Nov/Dec or to the Royal Marsden Hospital in London (Chelsea) who might be able to fry Algy sooner. I've asked for the Royal Marsden as I can stay with a friend in London.

4. Have been told Algy is inoperable so the above treatment the only option with the intent of stopping him growing.

5. Made some *excellent* friends on twitter called #BensBabes,. You know who you all are! Plus Mr Miller has been *very* kind in lending his support with a couple of Brain Tumour Awareness days such as

 Wear Grey in Oct 2012 and Bandana Day March 1st 2013. Danny John-Jules (Cat from Red Dwarf) lent his support too, as did did so many friends!!!

6. Still breathing, still upright, still here!

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