Friday, 16 August 2013

Algy's Demise - Of the No 28 and 49 Buses, Cafe Roma and Side Effects...

I've just had my seventh dose of protons today (15th August) and find this first week has gone quickly indeed. So nuch has happened too in the last seven days, from the very sad loss of a dear friend from peritoneal cancer to the joyous news today that my niece Bethan passed all her A Level exams with straight A's in her subjects. She will be starting out soon at Reading University to study speech therapy. From death to the promise of a new and exciting future, all in seven days.

Yet I feel I've been here an age as well, now honing the craft of bagging a seat on the No's 28 and 49 buses to and from Onslow Square and Kensington High Street where I have to change from one to another. Also I braved a trip to Camden 'Tahn' last weekend, having a womble about plus indulging in a fabulous choccy brownie and ice cream cake in the World's End Pub. Ok, so this is sounding like a travelogue and in a way it is. There's not much to report about Algy or radiotherapy at the moment except I have been treated on both machines at the RM, the Lederman and Joe Ford. Both doing the same job.

I have got in to a bit of a routine, one of which is a place you get to before the hospital on the other side of the road, called Cafe Roma, where I'll stop to have a hot chocolate drink and maybe a muffin. It's a classic little cafe where the owner will sit outside and chat to customers and friends, and will greet me when I come in. I notice it's frequented by other patients of both Marsden and Brompton, by the subtly disguised IV Cannulas and lines in their arms. So a good recommendation in my book!

I am also getting to be a bit of a dab hand with London's most classic above ground transport but still liable to miss my stops if there isn't the pleasantly recorded voice announcing which bus stop one is approaching available, but usually I only miss by one stop. Kensington High Street I've got my head around now, remembering I *must* cross the street to get my connection in either direction. Also when needing to get groceries,  I am *almost* able to use that bloody self checkout thing in the Tesco's Express there without setting off the alarm,  although why those damn machines won't always accept the Queen's currency I do not know! It is a somewhat discomforting experience to have everyone staring at you while the shop assitant is politely trying to figure out if you're stupid or trying to commit fraud!!

If there is anything to report about Algy. it's that I did have a bit of a fitlet one evening earlier in the week when a rush of emotion such as suddenly feeling jealous, angry then quite confused happened. I was on Twitter at the time having a wonderful chat with a few friends, but had to stop as I realised what I was experiencing was a precursor to a wobble. I spent the rest of the night feeling rotten and today, a couple of days later, am quite tired. I've also pulled a muscle in my left calf and have eaten far too many choccy based foods which makes me realise I urgently need to get back on track with my diet, else I will easily undo eighteen months of hard work of shedding five stone and I need to lose another five to get down to ten stone. However, one can still have a bit of a treat surely...!

Also the neuralgia is a little more noticable on the top of my head and the right side of my face prickles more than usual at times, but that might happen anyway so am not sure if it's really due to the radiotherapy at this time or not. But I am keeping the staff informed just in case.

So all in all, a bit dull for now.


  1. Hi Heather,
    I have been reading your blogs with interest and just want to send you my very best wishes as you undergo your treatment. Hang in there! You're doing a good job!
    Karen xx
    (Kas - An Aussie DIP/R&C/Ben fan) :)x

    1. Thank you m'dear. Will keep soldering on of course, but as we both know a bit of Richard and Camille goes down very well. How I'll cope after Ben leaves Death in Paradise next year though, I don't know! :(


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