Thursday, 28 June 2012

Post Mazey Day Gig depression!

Just to update on the goings on of last Saturday evening/Sunday morning. I did spend the day in bed on Sunday, sleeping and then headed out to the doks Monday for more blood tests. A seagull decided to 'bless' my head on the way home, and the evening I reacted badly to the fact I had put on another 1/2 lb at Slimming World. I went on twitter later that evening, during which I began to lose it a little, head spinning, becoming a tad irrational which are the usual sign for me that I've overdone things. I've spent the last 2 days sleeping it off as it were which means feeling utterly miserable, disorientated and generally unwell. This time I have done what my body (and Algy I suspect) has forced me to do and that's recharge the batteries. Dave, my ever wonderful husband, has been his usual understanding self and has wisely not made too much of a fuss as I am a total grumpy drawers when I get ill, usually wanting to be just left alone. I did do a little writing and emailing so I wouldn't be totally bed bound (not good for chest or lungs) and feel much better now, although if I don't get to bed soon, it'll start all over again.

Is this what is termed 'brain fatigue' by the way? Heard that expression a lot but do not entirely understand it.


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