Saturday, 3 March 2012

Another good day! :D

This a copy of my entry in to Facebook today, It says it all really! :)

Wow! £240 raised already via my page! Btw my knee is improving, I can weight bear on it although still hobbling and chewing ibuprofen! Also discovering the joys of a sore head if one overscrapes with the razor! Been slapping Aloe Vera gel on which is very soothing but even when it dries, it leaves my head feeling as it's damp! Keep spreading the word!

*Hugs* again to all of you for your lovely messages of support and of course, your donations! ♥ ♥ ♥

Facebook Friend No. 1 - Shea butter's really good. I use this one after shaving my legs, even though it's sold as hand cream. Looks expensive but a tiny bit goes a long way.
Handy Gurugu Hand Cream

Facebook Friend No. 2 ouchers... especially the sore head from razor x

Me - (To Facebook Friend No. 1) Didn't think about that. I have some Bodyshop Shea butter stashed away somewhere around here. The Aloe Vera does soothe very quickly though but the Shea will be a good moisturiser. Bald head or no, dandruff will still be a problem for a bit...LOL!

Me - (To Facebook Friend No. 1) Yeah, I knida thought I had better ease off a bit when I felt my head almost catch fire...LOL!! I'm having a tough job trying to find a suitable razor that doesn't cost the same as my house! The disposable ones are ok but I find the tiny little narrow ones are useless! You have to shave in little scrapes otherwise the blade just passes over the stubble.

Anyway, I've remembered how to add piccys, so below are some of the day itself!

The gorgeous chap in the *ahem* 'aquired' blue scrubs, is my darling husband Dave. :)

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