Thursday, 1 March 2012

I've been scalped!

Well we finally got it done! My dear husband Dave showed his courage colours today by cutting and then clipping my hair as far as he could down to the scalp. He did try to finish off the shave but the razors I bought were really next to useless! It did attract a fair amount of attention but sadly those who were supposed to show and give support did not arrive. I guess they were all busy.

Anyway, the London Inn is a pub that is situated at the bottom end of Causeway Head and holds a lot of history for Dave and I. It's where he proposed to me for a start 25 years ago! The landlady very kindly offered the pub as a venue and put on sandwiches and some quiche for snacks. As I am on a Slimming World plan I kept to 4 ham sandwiches, cherry tomatoes and lettuce! The regulars in there joined in with one called Major asking Dave for a crop as well! Dave duly obliged him after my shave.

An interesting point to the afternoon were two young women who had no idea what was happening and looked horrified at what was unfolding in front of them. The looks of horror and disbelief soon gave way to facination as my grey hair came off my head in piles. Dave did a fantastic job but the final shave with a razor and shaving gel didn't go quite according to plan, as the single use razors didn't seem to be making a dent on the left over bristle. One of the other customers who had worked as a hair dresser helped out a little later, showing her prowess with electric clippers and managed to get a closer cut. I will try to get a closer shave later as maybe the head needs to be wetter, so the stubble can be shaved off more easily. This I'll have to try and do as I can feel how close the razor is for starters. Dave was a bit worried that he might hurt me. But God Bless that man because there wasn't even so much as a microscopic nick to the skin! Not bad at all for someone before today, hadn't shaved anything but the skin around his 'tache!

I decided to have a bit of fun as well, so dressed up to look like the comedian Al Murray's character 'The Pub Landlord' which added to my very 'East'enner's' appearance. It is a bit unsettling though to see how masculine I actually do look!

So far, I have raised over £210 online and hope to match that in cash donations but even if I don't manage to raise another penny, it will have been worth it. But this is only the beginning as I have the whole month of March to keep me pate bald!

Brain Tumour Awareness month, March 2012 in the UK. Please continue to show your support *Hugs*.

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