Friday, 2 March 2012

Day after the Storm!

Hi all,

Have awoken with all aches and pains this morning. Unfortunately, I had a tumble last night at home injuring my left knee. I've twisted it which means I've pulled some ligaments and am now hobbling for the moment. So quiet day today and staying off that leg as much as possible! Another £10 was donated online last night, bringing the total so far for Brain Tumour UK to £220. I've got £77 in cash at home with hopefully more coming in sponsorship over the next month. The cash donations will be going to Meningioma UK.

A newly shaved head feels weird, as if I have a wet cap on my head! I did the last bit of the shave last night, getting rid of the remaining stubble and must remember to do this every couple of days or so, after a shower preferably, so the scalp won't be too irritated. I have some Aloe Vera gel from the local 'Holland and Barratts' and put some on last night. I have Nivea moisturiser as well as a 'Dalek' woolly hat made by a friend in the USA to keep my head warm.

So not much to say at the moment. I'll find somewhere to upload the piccys of the shave as I can't seem to include them into the body of this entry. Or I might try to copy and paste from my Facebook page. We'll see how that goes. for my Just Giving page where donations will go to Brain Tumour UK.

Brain Tumour UK at

Meningioma UK at

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